Photos I 2005

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Photo Gallery 2005 - 2006

Below are photos of the students, mentors, and parents of class 2005 - 2006.   Some of the actitvities were classes at the South End Technology Center FAB Lab, and computer classes;  others are the TTT Mentor Program annual "Project Day" presentations, and students working on their projects. 


Cameron's Project

Camreon Monagle and his science project.  "Plants and Detergents"

The Judges and audiences are listening to the science presentation made by each student.  "Project Day" was held at MIT, Saturday, January 28, 2006.

Eveyone is listening to the teacher in the Computer at the SouthEnd Technology Center

Ryan presenting his science project "Plants and Music".

Richard and Victor are having fun in the FAB Lab

Buidling LEGO Race Cars in the MIT Edgarton Center

Cambridge Mayor, Michael Sullivan

TTT Exec Director, Kathleen Jones

Cambridge Councilwoman,

      Denise Simmons

James is describing the parts inside the computer and how each makes the computer work.

Ryan Fulkerson's "Plants Reaction to Music" science project.

Alex's science project presentation testing Iron in Foods

Michael is learning something new from his mentor.

In the Computer Lab getting ready for "Project Day".  Volunteering science project mentor Daniela Frasca is helping the students.

The TTT Mentor Program "Project Day" - 2006