2010 TTT Mentor Program's Students & Mentors

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TTT Mentor Program 

11th Annual
"Project Day"

Saturday, January 30, 2010

77 Massachusetts Avenue 7-338
Stella Conference Room
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Participating Students 2009 - 2010

Bajon, Joshua                 Steamboat Power                                               3rd Grade, Brighton
Chin, Holly                      Packaging & the Ripening of a Banana       5th Grade, Newton
Ebika, Precious               Current and Motors                                           5th Grade, Dorchester
Maney, Akash                Spectroscopes                                                     4th Grade, Brookline
Paul, Carly                       Water and Plants                                                2nd Grade, Dedham
Paul, David                      Paper Chromatography                                    2nd Grade, Foxborough
Parent, Jacques A.         How Much Water is in a Fruit?                       4th Grade, Avon                                                           
Paul, Kevin C.                 Pencil Resistors                                                  4th Grade, Dedham
Paul, Rachel                    How Healthy Can Lungs Be?                           6th Grade, Foxborough
Sainte-Luce, Darvin      Charged Storage and Humidity                       8th Grade, Dorchester
Sainte-Luce, Dave         The Floating Contest                                         3rd Grade, Boston
Stephens, Symone         Radio Frequency                                                5th Grade, Roslindale
Thomas, Xavier              Testing Drinking Water for Safety                  5th Grade, Lowell
Zeng, Victor                    Efficiency of Different Light Bulbs                  7th Grade, Boston

                               The Winners

First Place Winner   "Radio Frequency" - Symone Stephens

Second Place Winner   "Efficiency of Different Light Bulbs" - Victor Zeng

Third Place Winner   "Current and Motors" - Precious Ebika


           2009 - 2010 Math & Science Mentor/Tutor Volunteers & Judges

Frasca, Daniela Science       Project Mentor                                    BU Medical - Graduate Student
                                                                                                                 Forensics Chemistry
Bisbas, Katerina                    Math Mentor                                      Natalia Marketing Corp., Accountant,
                                                                                                                 Waltham, MA
Fitch, Karlotta Science         Project Mentor                                   MGH - Administrator Alzheimer Disease
                                                                                                                 Research Center
Hsu, Alexandra                     Science Project Mentor                     MIT - Undergraduate Student in Mathematics
Mastine, Rachel                    Science Project Mentor                     Pine Manor College - Senior in Biology
Speridakos, Constantine     Math & Science Project Mentor      MIT Undergraduate Student
Steinmeyer, Joseph D.         Math & Science Project Mentor      MIT Graduate Student in Electrical Engineering
Weaver, Mark                       Math Mentor                                      Brown - Graduate in Computer Science
Brandimarte, Kevin              Science Projects Judge                      Zarry Design, LLC - Mechanical Engineering
Doenlen, Will                       Science Projects Judge                       MIT - Undergraduate Student in Chemistry
Adoukhail, Anton               Science Projects Judge                       MIT - Graduate Student in
                                                                                                                Aeronautics and Astronautics
Hansel, George                    Science Projects Judge                       MIT - Student in Physics
Irizarry, Harry                       Science Projects Judge                      Zarry Design, LLC - Electrical Engineering
Julia MW Wong, PhD        Science Projects Judge                      Children's Hospital Research Fellow,
                                                                                                                Health/Medical Science
Kazim Noor                          Science Projects Judge                       Harvard - Graduate Student
                                                                                                                Molecular Cellular Biology
Luhovy, Mark                      Science Projects Judge                      Zarry Design, LLC - Biomedical Engineering

Lynch, Dan                          Science Projects Judge                       Lynch Engineers, Professional Engineer

Burke, Paul                           Science Projects Judge                       Sergeant - City of Cambridge Police Bike Patrol
Santiago, Anthony             Science Projects Judge                       Sergeant - City of Cambridge Police Bike Patrol
Pomeroy, Cappie                 Science Projects Judge                       MIT - Undergraduate Student
Kyle Miller                           Science Projects Judge                       MIT - Undergraduate Student in Math
Jones, Kathleen                  Executive Director                               TTT Mentor Program

Sponsors in part:

MIT Community Service Fund • South End Technology Center @ Tent City • MIT Community Innovators Lab
•Harvest Coop Markets - Central Square Cambridge • CCTV • Central Square Public Library, Literacy Project
• Daniela Frasca • Joanne Gregory
Julia Steinberger. PhD.